Food Kiosk

1.Wheel : double-axle  Tyres : 4×13C

2.Drawbar : tractor drawbar with safety ball headed coupling

3.Chassis : integral steel frame construction and suspension components treated with rust resistant protective coating.

4.Body : square pipe welding, decorated external metal wall , Intermediate insulation foam ,stainless steel internal wall ,two selling windows ,one ventilation outlet and a door .some working tables and related shelves ,one business cash box ,High visibility tail light signal system.

5.Flooring : Non-slip flooring(aluminum)with drain, easy to clean up.

6.Electric accessories : Lighting device(2 integrate lamps with one on/off swith;3 projection lamps with one on/off switch),4 universal sockets, voltage governor, fuse/connecting box and external cables available.

7.Water Cycle system : Double sinks with hot and cold water taps, a fresh water tank, a waste water tank, 12V mini water pump, 12V battery, and on/off control switch